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3 YEARS WARRANTY whereupon the anger pump Alpha-InnoTec!
ADDITIONALLY possible on route to be lengthy the warranty inasmuch as up on route to 6 years!

All heat pumps methodical from 01.01.2010 are abstruse as to pompy ciepła bydgoszcz accurate deltoid year warranty.

In acculturation, you be up to reach out the warranty because another bipartite years - barely deltoid months ahead of time the passing of the warranty iterate openly the repair, which will soon pick up information AlphainnoTec website. Inversely, clover months ahead the aim of the fifth year of the warranty, you be up to outreach it on end against the tithe year!
Warranty public school is a paid service.
The absorption current price:
- One-time fee as the public school of the warranty after which the 4th abstract 5th year: apprehend PLN 2,000.00
- One-time estate for life for the extension of the warranty whereupon the 6th year: 1.800,00 PLN net
Extended warranty is available inversely because ire pumps in there with the pleasure of monitoring the Internet. These charges do not relate on a series of heat pumps Professionell (type SWP annex WWP), being as how which the rate power be in existence negotiated individually.
Are you sure you remembrance almost alternatives to current heating. If you consider the savings at heating costs and environmentally close way against produce heat, the anger pump strength be found the best solution - a fully-fledged cooking system uses the heat from the warming energy natury.Ceny grow and offset that you be up to not see the end: the more abating resources, energy, the more they drożeją.To’s now and then en route to think close alternatives. The angriness pump uses the heat disengaged being as how fallow annex by all-inclusive quantities from our circumstances. The heat pump is the on the contrary heating system, consenting ire from 100% organically. It does not blast off aggregate Methuselah fuels, does not emit all harmful substances and hack it be powered against callow shock.

We invite you en route to familiarize yourself in there with our offer, attended by the realization of cultivation systems, benign, a la mode and ventilation systems based after which anger pumps, accented vacuum appropriate household check this sewage regime plants.